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Our Projects


These are some of our favorite projects.  Check back from time to time to see more of them.  If you have something you want done or that you are considering, please email or call us.  We have also coated and worked on car and hot rod parts, so if you have something to work on for your car, bike, or anything let us know.  We will do our best to make your ideas reality.

Some of our services
Coming Soon

We specialize in general gunsmithing, applying specialized coatings, rebuilding, building, and customizing all types of firearms for compeition, self defense, or both.  We are a licensed ffl, and have the expertise and capabilities to develop or load custom ammunition.  We are happy to work on parts for your classic cars, bikes, or other items you wish.


We expect to have our online store in place and active soon.  There you will be able to buy customized and standard parts and accessories, access our basic pricelist, and in the future purchase ammunition and components.

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